Ryan Manalastas

Human-Computer Interaction Design UC San Diego

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3to1 Nonprofit website redesign

UX Design

3to1 is a financial education nonprofit from Plano, Texas that offers scholarships to kids in need of assistance as they transition into college. The director wanted us to redesign their website and overhaul their information architecture. I led design of a hi-fi landing page and wireframes.

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RezDawg Rescue User Research

UX Research

With a team of researchers, I conducted generative research via remote user interviews of nonprofit volunteers and board members to increase volunteer retention for an animal rescue nonprofit. Led to ~15% increase in regular volunteers after our recommendations.

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Wager Sports Betting App Design

UX/UI Design

I worked with devs and marketing to design screens, visuals, and animations for a new peer-to-peer sports betting web app.

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KOTX Organization Website Design

UX Design

I worked with UC San Diego's K-Pop dance org to make designs for their first website.

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Design for America Mental Wellness UX Research

UX Research

I led a subteam that interviewed mental health providers and professors around San Diego, contributed to a design workshop and research report for an app that promotes mental wellness.